Jinzhou Medical University, once named Liaoning Medical University (LMU), is located in Jinzhou city, Liaoning province, in the north-eastern part of China. The university enjoys very good reputation in China for its pragmatism and has cultivated numerous outstanding medical talents. Presently there are more than 400 international students studying a wide range of medical programs at the University. The campus covers 1,140,000 square meters and lies in the north of the city. Six kinds of education are offered in JZMU: general high education, state-owned privately run education, adult education, vocational education, online education and international students` education. The university enrolls undergraduate, graduate and master as well as postgraduate students. There are 16 teaching departments, 98 teaching offices, 56 teaching laboratories, 4 affiliated comprehensive hospitals and 169 bases for teaching and practice.

Fee/Year(CNY) : 28,000 
Fee/Year(INR) : 2,80,000
Accommodation(INR) : 25,000 
2nd year onwards Fee & Accommodation (INR) : 3,05,000