North Sichuan Medical University previously North Sichuan Medical College (NSMC), is a provincial medical school with campuses in Shunqing District and Gaoping District, Nanchong city, Sichuan Province, China. North Sichuan Medical University is a government-run college of medicine in Sichuan Province and is in the second largest higher education center of Sichuan Province — Nanchong, a famous city, the origin of the Three Kingdoms Culture. Its two campuses occupy an area of over 823,693 square meters. NSMC has its national and international enrollment; its campuses enroll nearly 10,000 students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. With the guidance of its motto — Commitment, Fraternity, Honesty, and Creativity — it has developed into an important national and provincial center of higher medical education, disease prevention, and rheumatism treatment since its establishment in 1951.

Fee/Year(CNY) : 32,000
Fee/Year(INR) : 3,20,000
Accommodation(INR) : 60,000
2nd year onwards Fee & Accommodation (INR) :  3,80,000